Where is Account Manager?

One has become Three...

AM Blue

The Old Account Manager. A snapshot of AM at the end of Legerdemain. Traders and new invoices will never update here again.

Use for campaigning, mass emailing, historical reporting, etc. for the time being, until it can be added to AM Pink or CBS AM.

If something is missing from here it should be available in AM Pink or CBS AM.

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AM Pink

This is a transitional Account Manager for Horizon. Please use for Call Management, Sales Notes, Print, Promo & submitting new accounts.

All relevant old AM data has been imported here and converted from Leger Account to corresponding Horizon Account.

All Trader and Contact additions & modifications made in Horizon will update here within a minute.

Logins remain the same as old AM.

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Account Manager for Horizon. Username and password same as usual AM.

For viewing Horizon Customers and Trader and Daily Sales Reports.

Eventually to become the Account Manager to rule them all.

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Manuals for Horizon, Horizon-Web and more.

If you don't have a login please ask your head of department.

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